A Delicious One-Day Meal Plan to Tackle Chronic Inflammation

When you think of treatment programs for chronic inflammation, you’d be forgiven for not turning your thoughts straight to diet. Chronic inflammation is the effect of “wear and tear” conditions, including allergies, asthma, osteoarthritis and autoimmune diseases like lupus. Old age, excess weight, smoking, stress and poor sleeping habits are also known contributing factors. Can changing what we eat really reduce inflammation and decrease suffering? Amazingly, yes.

Inflammation can be spurred on by foods high in saturated fat and sugar. Overactivity in the immune system, caused by foods such as white bread, pastries, fried foods, red meat, margarine and sweetened beverages, can lead to joint pain, fatigue and damage to the blood vessels. Other foods, such as fatty fish, tomatoes, olive oil, green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruits do the opposite, working to curb inflammation.

With all this in mind, let’s look at a one day meal plan that can help you fight chronic inflammation.


Green Eggs with Quinoa

This protein powered breakfast comes from Cassie at Bootleg Kitchen, who admits to being hungry about 92 percent of the time. A Sydney-based personal trainer, yoga coach and health journalist, she knows good food when she sees it. This recipe will leave you feeling full until lunchtime and is packed with healthy fats and mixed seeds – perfect for beating inflammation.


Feta, Smashed Pea and Turmeric Fritters

Curcumin is an antioxidant which is widely used for its anti-inflammatory properties. One of the highest known sources of curcumin is turmeric, the star ingredient in this recipe from Ironmum Karla. Karla Gilbert is an accredited nutrition and health coach who was a professional athlete for ten years. She knows all about repetitive motion inflammation, and this recipe helps her get recover from injury and reduce inflammation day in, day out.


Fresh Fig and Cashew Butter Smoothie

Figs contain antioxidants that reduce inflammation and help prevent chronic disease. Luteolin in particular suppresses inflammation by halting the activation of inflammatory cells. Cashew butter is chock full of healthy fats, which have major anti-inflammatory effects. This makes this smoothie recipe from Bare Vitality an absolute winning snack. Smoothie heaven in a glass, it’s a favourite of Claudia Beyer – a holistic personal trainer and respected health blogger.

Green Vegetable Slice

Another great snack comes from Amelia Phillips – a fitness nut and one of the co-founders of the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation. This delicious green vegetable slice is packed with broccoli, zucchini and eggs – all important anti inflammatory foods. Macadamia nut flour and coconut oil further boost this recipe’s healing powers, while adding some serious flavour too.


Paleo Macadamia and Coconut Crusted Salmon

With red meat off the menu for a while, you need to find a hearty, satisfying alternative for dinner. Trust us, this Macadamia and Coconut Crusted Salmon is more satisfying than any steak. A recipe from the Merrymaker Sisters (who bring merriment to the world through great food), it’s full of good fats that reduce inflammation. You can serve it with their suggested quinoa salad, or mix it up with the rainbow salad below.

Rainbow Salad with Caramelised Nuts

Salads don’t have to be boring, and this one certainly isn’t. Offering a cheeky Mexican twist, this nutritious creation has got plenty of zing and combines apple, beetroot, zucchini, lettuce, mandarin and lots of lip-smackingly good caramelised nuts. A recipe from Veggies & Me’s Megan Young, it’s one you’ll turn to time and time again.


Flourless Chocolate & Cashew Cake

Who doesn’t love a good chocolate cake? People with inflammation, that’s who. Full of sugar and saturated fat, chocolate cake is well and truly off the menu when you are trying to keep inflammation at bay. Just as well there’s a healthy alternative thanks to Lauren at Create Bake Make. A Brisbane mum of three boys, her blog is packed with great recipes like these, which allow you to indulge in your favourites without giving in to pain. This particular recipe is made with cashew meal and dark chocolate, both great ingredients for reducing inflammation.

An anti-inflammatory diet doesn’t have to be boring, and it’s important to know that there are a ton of recipes out there that are great for your health, without compromising on taste. We’re also here to help, offering our Herron Blue Anti-Inflammatory Ibuprofen, which offers temporary and effective relief of acute pain where inflammation is present.

All information presented on the Herron website is meant for general knowledge and never meant as a diagnosis of prescription. Please always contact your doctor for health related matters.